Last updated on December 21st, 2016

Entrepreneurs always look online for help and advice to grow their business. What they find is often a mishmash of content geared toward the absolute newbie, or on the other hand towards getting your business to hit seven figures. What about the in-between time? That no man’s land between starting up – which you’ve accomplished – and hitting those stretch goals?

Tracy and Pamela are two entrepreneurs who think about these very issues all the time! And we’re here to guide you, the established entrepreneur, to the next phase of your business. We eat, live, and breathe our business passions, and want to share what we’ve learned along the way with you.


Tracy is an entrepreneur with almost 30 years experience in the brick and mortar retail and service businesses and has owned seven e-commerce websites, beginning in 1997.  Today,  she consults and coaches with entrepreneurs, helping them create businesses (not a job) while continuing in the e-commerce and web development fields with her business partners.  You can learn more about Tracy at TracyHurt.com



Pamela is an entrepreneur who comes from a management consulting background and in recent years struck out on her own creating content on two YouTube channels. Pamela is also a founding partner of The IT Leaders, an IT management consulting firm in Atlanta GA. Pamela’s passion is growing a business from the ground up, and turning her ideas into profitable businesses.  You can learn more about Pamela at PamelaDeRitis.com

To success, and beyond!