Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make on Their Home Pages

People seem to struggle with their home pages, whether it’s trying to put too much information right up front, design errors or failing to understand the objective of the home page.

Are you making these 6 mistakes on your Home Page?

And these are problems we see across the board from fortune five hundred companies down to sole-proprietors, so if you have any of these problems don't feel bad about it because it just seems like everyone what's to do this wrong.

In this episode we discuss the six home page mistakes we see most often:
1. Too much information
2. Fear of white space
3. Too few or too many images
4. Lack of calls to action with clear navigation
5. Visually difficult fonts and colors
6. Making the home page about you or your company rather than the visitor.

So join us as we go over these errors and give you examples of websites that do this right.

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Why Mobile First is Important for Your Business

Today over 50% of searches are on mobile devices so the first encounter a visitor has with your website will probably be on a phone.

If the experience isn’t good, then how likely are you to convert them to your website on desktop where they will have a better experience? Not that likely really, so you need to seriously consider the visitor's experience on mobile.

In this episode, Pamela interviews Kyle Rollins from Mammoth.Solutions, an expert in mobile design. They discuss how responsive design works in mobile. The key considerations when developing a mobile design as well as why working from mobile first is the best option and will lead to less changes and reworks in the future. And why so many businesses are reluctant to embrace a mobile first marketing and branding plan.

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What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

We hear the buzzwords all the time: solopreneur, serialpreneur, wantrepreneur, lifestylepreneur, passivepreneur, mompreneur. But what does any of that really mean? Are we defining your market, your size, your drive? What?

Then there are all those personality types: hustler, innovator, strategist, visionary. Honestly, I hope you have some level of all of these and more if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

And the worse is when an entrepreneur is defined by their predominant skillset: advisor, leader, diplomat, doer, creator, artist and the list goes on. And on, and……

How does any of this tell you what kind of business to build or if you will be a success? Yes, some personality traits are more easily suited to entrepreneurship but really, unless you are so shy you would faint if you had to speak to a stranger, you can learn to be an entrepreneur.

The type of entrepreneur you are depends on your motive, values, and desire. Do you want to build something from nothing? Do you have a desire for "more" for more's sake? Do you what to be your own boss? Do you want to own your job?

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Top Predictors of Business Owner Success Part III – Leadership

In today’s episode, we are continuing our series on The Top Predictors of Business Owner Success- Belief, Vision, and Leadership.

Are you a great leader? Many people confuse leadership with having all the answers and being a drill sergeant  or dictator. 

We discuss the traits of a great leader and that leadership, just like vision and belief is an acquirable skill.  No one is a natural born leader. 

And we share a few great resources for improving your leadership skills.

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The Top Predictors of Business Owner Success Part II – Vision

The Top Predictors of Business Owner Success Part II - Vision

In today’s episode, we are continuing our series on The Top Predictors of Business Owner Success- Belief, Vision, and Leadership.

Do you know what a great visionary is? Many people confuse visionary with clairvoyant. We’re not talking about supernatural powers here. Being a great visionary is a skill.

We discuss why a strong vision is so important and how it will propel you and your team easier and farther than any amount of sheer will and determination ever could.

And we share a great exercise to help you gain the skills of a visionary.

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The Top Predictors of Business Owner Success Part I – Belief

Hey everyone, Pamela here. I recently asked Tracy a question that I've been pondering for months: What are the top predictors of success? We all know, or are told, the things we need to do in order to be successful, such as not quitting, having a solid plan and long term goals, etc. But are there character traits or behaviors that predict success more than others? That's what I wanted to find out, and that's what Tracy and I discuss today.

This is the first in a three-part mini series on the subject because we found that we had so much to say on this subject that one episode would not do it justice! So here is Part 1, all about belief. Belief in yourself, belief in your abilities and in your ideas.

Let us know what you think about the predictors of success and about belief in general! We would love to hear from you!

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Growth Leverage and Scale

Today we're going to a little deeper and talk about the concepts of growth, leverage and scale in your business. What are they? When is growth good, and when can it pose some risks (yes, it can!)? What is leverage and how do you use it in your business? And we've all heard of "scaling" a business but what does that mean exactly and how do you know if your business is scalable?

Leave us a comment with your experiences and let us know if this episode has been helpful for you!

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How To Minimize Your Business Risk

Minimize Risk Video Screenshot

You've started up your business, things are moving along, and you've taken the step -- or are about to -- of organizing your business into a legal entity. You know the pros and cons of organizing as an LLC vs S-Corp vs C-Corp etc. from watching our last episode "LLC or Inc?".

You also know how these legal entities can protect you and your business in the event of a lawsuit, wrongdoing on the part of a partner, or other unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance.

But just having the shield of an LLC or Corporation isn't enough to protect you and your interests. Where a legal entity leaves off is where things like service provider agreements and business insurance pick up.

Special guest Matt Simmons, Esq., a partner with business and employment law firm Shepherd Law joins our show today. Matt talks to Pamela about the ways you can minimize the risks you face as a business owner, from both inside the business and outside of it. We cover operating agreements, what level of protection you can expect from each type of business entity, and of course, business insurance: when to get it, what it should cover and from whom you should seek it.

Leave us a comment with your experiences and let us know if this episode has been helpful for you!

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LLC or INC – Is That The Question?

LLC or INC? Is That The Question?

You have a great idea, you've crafted your business plan, and your business is in full swing. But wait, depending upon what your business does and what your personal goals are for the business, you may be looking at forming a legal business entity for your venture.

You may be asking yourself whether you should form an LLC? Maybe a C-Corp? Or what about that weird S-Corp variation I keep hearing about? What type of business structure do I need?

We're here to tell you, those are good questions, but those are the wrong questions to be asking yourself if you haven't yet legally organized your business, and aren't sure which structure is right for you. Today we're going to go over all the *right* questions to ask yourself, and the issues you need to seriously consider so that when you do organize, you'll be choosing the right entity for you.

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