Are You Making These 6 Mistakes on Your Home Page?

People seem to struggle with their home pages, whether it’s trying to put too much information right up front, design errors or failing to understand the objective of the home page.

Are you making these 6 mistakes on your Home Page?

And these are problems we see across the board from fortune five hundred companies down to sole-proprietors, so if you have any of these problems don’t feel bad about it because it just seems like everyone what’s to do this wrong.

In this episode we discuss the six home page mistakes we see most often:
1. Too much information
2. Fear of white space
3. Too few or too many images
4. Lack of calls to action with clear navigation
5. Visually difficult fonts and colors
6. Making the home page about you or your company rather than the visitor.

So join us as we go over these errors and give you examples of websites that do this right.


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