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How Many Goals Should You Pursue at the Same Time

Last updated on June 30th, 2019

In this episode of the How Business Really Works Podcast we answer a listener’s question:

“How many goals should you be going after at once in your business, and what is a realistic time frame for completing goals?”

Do you ever wonder about this? If so, listen in and join the discussion.

You will learn:

• How many goals you need.
• Why you are not productive working on multiple goals at the same time.
• How to figure out what a realistic time frame is for completing your goal.
• And why that differs for each person even when the goal is the same.
• What you need to do to get your goals completed as soon as possible.

How many goals do you have?


Coming Soon!

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3 thoughts on “How Many Goals Should You Pursue at the Same Time”

  1. I have only one goal: Make A Difference.
    I have several ways to accomplish that . . .
    I’m thinking that for me “Tasks” might be the more accurate word . . . and my task list is really, really long . . . LOL

    1. “Made a difference” is pretty broad. I suggest you set a measurable goal for the year, quarter, and month of exactly how you will make a difference and how many you will help by your actions. This will make it much easier to set priorities and break down your “tasks” into manageable and achievable daily and weekly lists.

      When you set out to make a major difference in the world, everything that could help is a “good idea”. Breaking it down to what you need to do today and this week to achieve the monthly goal(s) keeps you from chasing “good ideas” that might take longer (or never) get you to the ultimate goal.

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