Photo of man with laptop standing next to a pool - Text reads: Are all the "work from the beach" gurus telling you the whole truth?

The Laptop Lifestyle Re-examined

Last updated on June 30th, 2019

Do you dream about traveling the world while you continue to earn a living? Well, who doesn’t to some degree?

Whether you want to visit the beaches of Tahiti and Bali; the great cities like New York, Paris, and Tokyo; or just kick back in Patagonia or the Rockies, it seems everyone wants control of their time.

I’ve done it and Pamela is well on her way to setting up her business to be location independent.

Since so many people want the Laptop Lifestyle, of course, there are hundreds of articles being written about it and almost as many courses and coaches to teach you how.

But, we see a problem. Are they selling you a real business model?

I won’t go as far to say it’s a scam, but because of the Laptop Lifestyle’s popularity, there are people selling the concept that don’t truly understand what it takes to operate a business, much less a remote one.

In this episode, we examine the Laptop Lifestyle and as you listen you will learn:

• How to know if you’re being sold the blueprints to a true business model or just another way to be a wage slave.
• Business models that work well being location independent.
• Problems that come with being location independent.
• The real skills necessary to run a business remotely.

Are you seriously considering pursuing the Laptop Lifestyle? Join the discussion and let us know!


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  1. Are you considering a laptop lifestyle? Do you want to be location independent? And if so, which direction are you going? Down the road of self-employment or are you trying to build a business?

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