How to Have a Natural Sounding Recorded Voice

How do you feel about your voice being recorded? Do you become so consciously aware that your voice changes? Or maybe you don’t like your accent or diction.Today it’s very important to be comfortable having your voice recorded. Whether you are creating a podcast or being a guest on one, creating training for your team or a course for sale, or just using Facebook Live or Snapchat, you need to be happy with the way you sound.

In this episode, Pamela shares her years of training. She discusses the two principles that you must follow to maintain your natural voice and gives you exercises and tips to put these principles in action.

You are going to learn:
• Exercises to improve diction
• How to properly use a script
• How to keep your energy up and your audience engaged
• Exercises to develop the ability to maintain your natural voice when you are consciously aware of your voice.

So listen in and join the discussion below.

Do you like your voice?


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1 thought on “How to Have a Natural Sounding Recorded Voice”

  1. Are you going to broaden your audience by using a recorded medium?
    Do you feel that the tips and exercise we’ve shared with you will help you improve your recorded voice?

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