Passion - A Strong Barely Controllable Emotion. An Intense Emotion Compelling Action.

Passion Vs Purpose – Do You Need Both?

It seems like everyone is “searching for their passion”, but it’s not an object to be found. It’s not an Easter egg you will find under a bush if you just look hard enough.

Passion is an emotion and I have a big pet peeve with this “finding your passion” movement that has been derailing too many people for way too long.

Finding your passion and turning it into a business is not the path to eternal happiness that so many experts preach.

In this episode Pamela and I discuss my pet peeve with “finding your passion” and how each of us views it. You will learn:

• The difference between passion and purpose and why that misunderstanding is derailing so many people from a fulfilling life.
• Why the pursuit of your passion could steal more from you than it can ever give.
• Your passions and your purpose will change throughout your life and how to be open to the change.
• Exercises to help you understand your passions and your purpose and that they can intersect but don’t always.

So listen in and join the discussion. What’s your opinion of passion and purpose?


Coming Soon!

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1 thought on “Passion Vs Purpose – Do You Need Both?”

  1. Do you understand the difference between passion and purpose? Do you know what your purpose is right now in your life? Does it happen to intersect with some of your passions?

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