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The Top Predictors of Business Owner Success Part II – Vision

Last updated on June 30th, 2019

In today’s episode, we are continuing our series on The Top Predictors of Business Owner Success- Belief, Vision, and Leadership.

Do you know what a great visionary is? Many people confuse visionary with clairvoyant. We’re not talking about supernatural powers here. Being a great visionary is a skill.

We discuss why a strong vision is so important and how it will propel you and your team easier and farther than any amount of sheer will and determination ever could.

And we share a great exercise to help you gain the skills of a visionary.

Pamela:  Hey everybody this is Pamela.

Tracy:  And this is Tracy.

Pamela:  And we are here to discuss How Business Really Works!


Tracy:  Today we are continuing our series on the top predictors of business owner success. Last week we discussed belief and how belief is one of the top predictors of success.  And this week we’re going to discuss vision and how a great vision creates the drive and passion to achieve the vision.

Pamela:  So what is a visionary?  A visionary is someone who has a long-term big picture vision of how they want to affect the world but it’s also a detailed picture so there’s this sort of movie in their mind of what they hold the future to be.

Tracy:  Yeah, they think and see how it’s going to affect the world.  How it’s going to affect the customers.  What their life’s going to be like.  What their business is going to be like and how it’s going to affect those that are involved.

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Pamela:  Right, and they are also emotionally invested in this vision and they realize that it’s not really important how we get to the vision but that we get there at all.

Tracy:  Yeah, most importantly, I think a really good visionary is going to realize the tools, the path, the techniques that we use to create this vision is not what’s important.  The result is what’s important.

Pamela:  Right, right they keep things in perspective and they are able to make decisions that serve their vision rather than detract from it and they know that any failures that they may encounter are really not a failure; they are the next step to success, and really kind of a new beginning.

Tracy:  They understand that “how we get there” isn’t anywhere near as important as the “why we get there”.

Pamela:  That’s right the why is very important.

Tracy:  So Pam do you know of a company that has a really great vision?

[Time – 2:01]

Pamela:  I do.  I actually am a fan of this company.  I buy their products.  I participate in their Facebook chats.  It’s a makeup and skincare company called Paula’s Choice.  Paula Begoun is the founder of Paula’s Choice and probably forty years ago, thirty forty years ago I think, she was working in the cosmetics industry as a consultant.  And what she found was that a lot of these big cosmetics companies and a lot of the magazines and popular articles that were out there were disseminating basically false information. I mean, they were necessarily doing it maliciously, but she noticed that a lot of the information they were putting out about what is effective for skin care and what’s not was not correct and it was actually harming people’s skin rather than helping them.

So she had a vision to create her own company were she started reviewing products that are good for your skin based on actual science not based on hype or anything like that.  So she sticks to the studies and she only disseminates information that are born out by scientific studies.  But her vision for this company was two-fold. It was to create educated consumers, so she wanted to take these consumers that had been kind of believing all of this hype and transform them into educated consumers that would then purchase products that were really good for their skin and become beautiful in the process, have good skin, use great makeup, etc.

[Time 3:32]

So her vision was partly to transform her customer and also transform the results that they got.  And that is the kind of strong vision that can carry your company through a lot of trials and tribulations.  So this is a company, makeup, skincare, I mean we’re not talking about solving world hunger, but we are talking about a company that has had a huge impact on the world.  She’s gained quite an incredible following.  Obviously, I’m one of them and I’m not paid to say any of these things. I’m not associated with the company, I’m just a customer like anybody else, but I know over the years what her vision is because I’ve read her articles and I’ve watched the videos that she puts out and her team.  And it’s a very strong vision that has impacted me personally and I know a lot of other people so it’s a great example of a company and a founder that have a very strong vision of how they want to transform the world.

Tracy:  And you know Pamela, a great vision gives you the drive and the passion to achieve the vision.

[Time – 4.36]

Pamela:  That’s absolutely correct. And I know in my case, so there are a lot of things that I don’t like to have to do in my own business.  I’m building this lifestyle business which we mentioned before, for instance, I would love it if I had a DP every time I wanted to create a video, I didn’t have to set up my camera and my lighting, and the exact position of my body in relation to set and all this stuff.  It would be great if I had somebody all the time to help me do that.  I don’t.  I sometimes get help, sometimes not but it’s really me creating it most of the time.  But I do that because it is more important to me to fulfill my vision of what I am trying to achieve with my lifestyle channel.  And so stuff like setting up the camera, okay it’s kind of a pain in my butt, but I do that willingly because it is all part of creating my vision.  Same with setting up my e-commerce store.  I know how to do that, I can do it well.  I would prefer not to spend my time doing that, but right now where I am at just with my resources, I have to do a lot of this myself.  And again, it is just something that I have to do no matter how I feel about it because it serves my vision.

[Time – 5:44]

Tracy:  So do you have a vision?  And is it in detail?  Is there a motion picture?  I know it kind of sounds like a daunting task.  It use to, to me too.  I used to could think like six months to a year in advance but really getting like this huge vision of how things are going to change, what I am doing is going to affect everyone involved and the world. That was a little harder to realize.  And you know you think of people who have those kinds of visions as like being someone that is going to start a charity.  No, everything you do every day, the reason you have a business, it’s going to affect things, you are going to as we mentioned last time, create life.  So you have to just keep practicing.  Just practice.  Start with a story and every day add more details and keep this running.  This is not really like a, what would you say, a mission statement.

Pamela:  No this is bigger than that.

Tracy:  It’s way bigger than a mission statement and plus half the time people work real hard to write that mission statement and in a year everybody’s forgotten it.

Pamela: It’s gone yeah. Or it’s posted on the wall and nobody looks at it.

Tracy:  This is something you do everyday.

Pamela: Yes.

Tracy:  You run it through your mind.

[Time 6:52]

Pamela:  Right, so we, if you recall, if you watched our goal setting episode.  Productivity and Goal Setting, we’ll put a link to it in the show description.  We talk about creating the vision for your life and we used an example of creating a vision for five years out.  You can choose that. You can choose three, you could choose seven, whatever works for you.  But we when through the step of how to create a very detailed vision for a very specific future point in your life.  So definitely check that episode out because it kind of dovetails right on what were are talking about and will help you execute on what we are talking about today.

Tracy:  True. Now what we want to know is what is your vision and have you created the motion picture of it yet?

So If you are watching the video please comment below. If you are listening on one of the podcasts please head on over to how business really works dot com and let us know there.  There’s plenty of places there where you can chat us up.

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Tracy: Bye.


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